$500 for Africa

Young Sisters of MUNA has decided to raise at least $500 for women, children and those in need in Africa due to the droughts that have claimed thousands of lives.

Our group plans to give through Islamic Relief, a charity organization in the United States and in many countries. Islamic Relief is one of the only organizations with people on the ground in countries such as Somalia.

YS Muna has a come up with three ways to collect money for this fundraiser: collection during our Educational Session and Eid Al-Adha party, individual contributions of $5 and $10 in fund raising per person, and a possible bake-sale during Thanksgiving Weekend.

Visit this site again soon for more information.


Educational Session: Oct. 23

Young Sisters of MUNA will have it’s annual educational session to discuss “teen image” on October 23 at the Old Masjid, unless otherwise noted before the date by email/web post.

Supporters, those who support the work of MUNA but are not members, are invited to attend. Associate members, those who keep report, pay monthly donations and attend programs, must be at the event with the past 2-3 monthly reports.

Associate members must also pick a topic related to teen image and prepare a 3-min. speech by October 11. Speeches should start off with acknowledgment of members, guests and the Prophet, followed by quotes used from the Quran and Hadith.

Guest speakers will be encouraged to explain the relationship between Western teen image in comparison to the Muslim identity.Those interested in attending should check their emails for more information closer to the date of the event.

The event is free. Donations will be collected for a simultaneous project by the Young Sisters, Detroit branch,  to raise $500 for families in need in Africa.