Khan: ‘Believers allergic to al-laghu (wasteful behavior)’

Wasting time, or indulging in behavior with no benefit in this world and the hereafter, leads to Allah’s displeasure said, Nouman Ali Khan a speaker from The Bayyinah Institute, an online learning community.

Khan said al-laghu, wasting time, can mean: engaging in small talk, just chilling, and wasteful speech.

He said parents should regulate the “careless overexposure of media” in children, especially in teens. Don’t put the computer in a child’s bedroom, Khan said. Put it in the kitchen or living room where it is faced out so anyone who walks by can see what they are doing. He said parents give children cellphones without checking the bill.

People can turn on the TV and find “the club” at home. It’s not like how it used to be, he said.

Some parents come from a different culture and they shut their children out, as long as they have a good report card coming home. Teens are living double lives, said Khan. Parents should take the time to talk to their kids and “not freak out.” “The child will shut you out.”

We are telling our kids to go against society, by being moral and following what is right. We have to be there for them, Khan said.

“Believer knows time is running out,” he said. There is an urgency to do good and abstain from bad.

Khan gave four ways to change: give zakat to purify oneself, keep good company at the masjid, become a person of dhikr or worship who reads Quran and remembers Allah throughout day, memorize at least one ayat verse of Quran daily, and guard our private parts.

Parents should care and be involved in teens’ lives, staring while the child is younger to discipline. Bad deen leads to a ruined dunya or world, Khan said. Al-laghu, wasting time, leads to fasha, worse things to do with time: possibly drugs, girlfriend/boyfriend, alcohol problems.

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