The reward of goodness is goodness (55:60)

The four seasons are a reminder of the favors Allah has granted us on Earth.

Here are some favors He has granted through the seasons, based on our Surah Ar-Rahman party.

* Fall – the season of balance, death and hibernation

* Winter – longer nights for ibadah, shorter days for fasting; a time to give to the poor

* Spring – the taste of Jannah and rebirth

* Summer – a time of peace and tranquility to reflect, longer days to stay active and do good deeds

Some key points from lectures:

* Allah’s Mercy is greater than His Wrath

* To get to Allah’s Mercy, guidance and knowledge you must seek it.

* Distress is from His blessing.

* People get the result of their deeds.

* Look at the larger picture, look at what people have less of rather than more of.

* Allah does not burden one with something they cannot handle, therefore you can handle the tasks given to you.

* We may die at any time. That is when the chance to repent ends, the door to repentance closes for us (opened until the Day of Judgment).

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