List of Islamic Speakers

Ramadan Speakers and Lectures

Speakers & Specialties

1. Abdul Nasir Jangda –, spirituality
2. Hamza Yusuf –, spirituality
3. Faraz Rabbani –, fiqh, online Islamic courses
4. Khalid Latif – contributor, NY chaplain
5. Muhammad Alshareef – AlMaghrib Institute, practical points
6. Nouman Ali Khan – Bayyinah Institute, Quran
7. Suhaib Webb –; Islamic articles
8. Tariq Ramadan – philosophy, motivational speaker
9. Zaid Shakir –, youth uprising, spirituality
10. Yasir Qadhi – AlMaghrib Institute /, aqeedah
11. Wisam Sharif –, Quran tajweed
12. Mufti Menk –, video blogs
13. Yassir Fazaga – psychology, taking the deeper meaning
14. Hussein Yee –, hadeeth


Video Lectures on Ramadan: <search <Ramadan

North Zone convention: July 1

Muslim Ummah’s north zone regional group put on a convention at Bridge Academy East in Hamtramck on July 1.

Programs featured local community members who spoke about community engagement and betterment.

Wayne State University professor – department of oncology spoke on the tolls of committing sins, the stages of the nafs or inner soul, and helping teens become more involved in Islam.

Youth guest speakers included Ramzi Mohammad, professor of medicine at Wayne State University, Canton Masjid Imam and President of the Islamic Center of North Detroit Sheikh Alil Suleiman Ali, Masudur Rahman Quabili, professor of mathematics at the University of Michigan Dearborn, Sayeed Chowdury, president of Muslim Ummah of North America and Shariful Islam, who works in public health at the University of Illinois.

Lecturers discussed  major sins that taint the heart, keeping good company and staying away from the haram, the importance of studying the Quran, and influencing other teens by being good role models.

Sayeed Chowdury said major sins cause the heart to lose faith. “Clean up your heart,” by doing dhikr, or remembering Allah. “Islam is not just faith. Without action faith is useless,” he said.

Ramzi Mohammad spoke of the last man to enter Jannah, and how we will regret not seeing others there that we once knew. He said to fight our egos, and help others find peace in Islam through building community centers for youth.