Ramadan Reflection

My Ramadan Reflection for 2012

By Tazkia Al-Bari


When I first found out that Ramadan was only a few weeks away, I did not pay any mind to it. I thought that I would just read Quran and continue what I was doing regularly because I did not think there was anything wrong with my behavior. I woke up, went to work, came home, did homework, watched TV or cleaned the house and went to sleep. I slipped in prayer between those activities and sometimes recitated the Quran.

However, when Ramadan was finally here, I realized that it was not the big activities that I needed to concern myself with, it was the little things in between. I would argue with my family about petty little things; yell at my brother for coming into my room without my permission, argue with my mom about God knows what, and get frustrated at my father for pestering me about completing college applications. I would not clean my room until my mom yelled at me to do it. When Ramadan came in, I understood that the shaytan was locked up and my sins were only committed from the desires of my heart. I began to notice these little things, my constant bickering with my family and my lack of empathy for cleanliness and obligations. Suddenly my mistakes did not seem so little anymore.

Ramadan truly is a month of reflections and noticing one’s faults. Although I read Quran and prayed taraweeh, that was not the plain idea behind fasting. Allah expects His servants to perform those actions without question. The compassion for others’ feelings and the idea of how a believer should behave is the real reason why Allah made fasting obligatory. He wanted us to look within our hearts and dig out our deepest nafs and try to fix the problems within our souls.

It may sound spiritual and boring but its not the truth. We live in a society where our faith is constantly questioned and tested. We either follow the way of Allah or the shaitan; there is no middle. Ramadan was sent to remind believers that Allah’s Grace is limitless and to realize that as true believers, we are to fulfill our duties and obligations without question.

For this Ramadan, I had to be honest with myself and question my true intentions. I had to learn self-restraint and patience. But most importantly, I had to let my mind comprehend the usefulness of Ramadan and use its benefits to my full advantage.  

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