The College Experience – Part 1: Intro


It was 2:00 AM and I was still lying awake in my bed. Out of sheer excitement I couldn’t sleep. The next day was going to be my first day of college, and my mind was spinning with thoughts of classes, assignments and fears of me tripping and falling in front of hundreds of people in a lecture hall.

But overall, I had landed all the scholarships I wanted, been accepted to the program I was dreaming of and was ready for any challenge to prove that I was ready to succeed. I knew what I wanted to major in and had all of my future classes planned out. Finally the day had come for me to put that plan into action.

What I didn’t plan for was how different the college lifestyle would be. I thought everything would be perfect and that my transition as a nerdy high schooler to an even more nerdy college student would be seamless……NOT!

On the first day of the semester I saw random people break dancing in the middle of campus, their loud dubstep music blasting from a huge stereo system making me feel like I was at a concert rather than a college campus. There was a dude wearing pajamas in class. Pajamas. With little bunnies on them.

I almost got run over by a girl zooming by on her skateboard. Where the heck am I? I thought to myself. I saw people who never went to class and just hung out at the library with friends. And  pretty soon I found myself picking up some of those bad habits – drinking too much coffee (even though I hate coffee), wasting time hanging out with friends even though I had exams the next day, and mismanaging my time in general.  With so much going on all over campus it was hard not to get distracted.

It wasn’t long before I realized that something needed to change. I couldn’t control what other people did or the things that went on throughout the campus, but I could definitely control myself and how I reacted in those situations.

This mini blog series was created to identify specific issues that we as young Muslim women face in colleges and universities and will attempt offer solutions through honest (and hopefully humorous) personal experiences. In this informal way, I hope that we can open the door to a discussion that helps us all find our own unique solutions to these and other problems.