Wrinkly Man

Written by Anisa ❤

I awoke so suddenly and so out of breath
what with the people surrounding me, I was half-scared to death
There was wailing and cheering and their faces were red
and I wondered why they would be celebrating around a hospital bed
“You’re awake,” said the nurse with amazement in her tone
and she hurried off to the corner and dialed up a phone
I recalled every thing I’ve done, my brain completely sunk
Maybe, I told myself, I got really drunk
And so I stared at the people in that hospital room
All types of ages, family I assumed
Though hardly any of their faces rang a bell,
Something else in the room wasn’t quite well
The clothes a young girl wore fell just above her thighs
Her rectangular touch toy was glued to her eyes
And the couple in the corner quietly bickered and fought
while their toddler in the stroller cried for the attention he sought
And a man with a briefcase wearing a watch that looked funny
whispered quickly into his phone for “time was money”
And then I couldn’t breathe for a place like this was cold
heartless, rehearsed, and made of fool’s gold
I searched for a familiar face and spotted her. “Betty!”
My wife held tightly to my hand, her palms were sweaty
“Mom died a while back, I’m your daughter, Rosetti”
Cold sweat formed and I couldn’t muster up a sound
the people in the room stared back blankly, I found
“That’s my daughter” she said of the young girl
And that’s your son and his wife, and their baby named Earl
“And that’s Uncle Mathew who’s about ready to leave”
The man felt their eyes glaring so he looked to his sleeve
If this was joke, it was a new level of cruel
though to avoid their resemblance was to cast me a fool
I pulled my hand away from hers as the nurse strode through the door
And I felt again, for a second time, that i would die once more
I looked to the nurse, and then to the people, then ceiling
and in the back of my head, the situation began revealing
The nurse took my aged hand in hers and wiped away her tears
“Sir you’ve been in a coma for 27 years.”

YS MUNA Open Mic 2015

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