Iftar Party August 5

Muslim Ummah of North America’s Michigan chapter will have an iftar party tomorrow Sunday, August 5, starting at 7:15 p.m. at Masjid Al-Falah.

Women will be seated in the main masjid complex, while men will sit in the auditorium.

Families are encouraged to join for programs and iftar.

Ramadan Reflections: Helping Out


I organized a volunteer event for my Young Sisters of MUNA Detroit at Zaman International, a humanitarian organization located in Dearborn, Michigan on July 14. The organization was founded by Muslim nurse Najah Bazzy.

Zaman is an organization dedicated to bringing hope to humanity through all kinds of events. From feeding the hungry, to providing international help such as their project to aid victims of violence in Syria, Zaman is always ready to help make the world a better place.

Every year Zaman hosts a Ramadan food packing event where various volunteer groups from all over Michigan gather to create big, family sized boxes filled with food necessities to give out to struggling families who aren’t fortunate enough to afford basic food for iftar, or breaking the fast.

This year I decided to get the Young Sisters affiliated with Zaman through this volunteer event and Mashallah it went very well. Tazkia, Taslima, Aysha, Nasrin, and Sharmin and I made time to participate in this wonderful volunteer opportunity. Sharmin’s mother Najma Auntie, was kind enough to drive us all the way to Dearborn.

When we got there, packets of food were scattered everywhere but by the end of the day we were able to get all that food into neat organized boxes ready to be delivered to the needy families. Although we were all tired from a long day of work, we all felt amazing inside that we helped create food boxes that will be making a great difference in people’s lives. Participating in this event just days before Ramadan really helped us prepare our hearts and minds for the holy month. It made us remember that Muslims have a duty to help those in need in this world and the best time to help out is during the holy month. The experience was a day full of fun, hard work which provided me with a sense of satisfaction that Allah (SWT) will be happy we helped make food boxes which will fill people’s stomach and make them very grateful.

For more information on Zaman International visit http://www.zamaninternational.org/.

–Farjana Alam