Projects and Events

Young Sisters has educational community events and projects throughout the year to promote self-improvement and helping others.

Below are some of our previous events:

Qiyam Intensives: overnight Qiyams for self-development in the month of Ramadan. Every year we have at least one Qiyam for Lailatul Qadr, the “Night of Power” when the Quran was revealed in Islam. Lailatul Qadr is thought to be on one of the last ten nights, on an odd-numbered night.

Mother-Daughter Tea Party: A specialized tea party for girls and mothers who want to get to know each other better. With about 50 guests during this event, girls and mothers get a chance to have fun in a mixed cultural environment through Islamic insight about parenting in the West, tips to improve their relationship, games, food and more fun.

Educational Sessions: General conventions designed to motivate associate members and supporters to get more involved, first by fixing themselves and second by giving back to the organization by climbing the ranks. Sample ES programs: family and community relations, youth and community development, how to give dawah.

Eid Parties: Young Sisters host an Eid gathering for the girls to express their religious holiday in an Islamic environment.

Graduation Party: A gathering to celebrate those who are pursuing education, excelling in the organization and representing our youth group.

Leadership Luncheon: Having lunch with a local role model who can inspire the girls to pursue education and continue practicing their faith. State representative of Michigan, Rashida Tlaib, who is the first Muslim American women to get voted in Michigan legislature met with the youth girls for our last luncheon.

Cultural Programs: Giving girls an Islamic outlet to understand and learn about their culture. All girls in the Young Sisters group are Bangladeshi American. The common ethnic identity is a factoring point in how programs are arranged (with simultaneous women programs in adjacent rooms in Bangla) to ensure girls can attend the weekly programs.

Other Tea Parties: Our main dawah is done through hosting events where girls in the Greater Detroit area can come together and learn about Islam, the organization, and network.

Islamic Movie Night: Girls got together for a night of biryani roast chicken and drinks to watch a Harun Yahya movie on signs of Allah. Yahya is a scientist who has many publications, videos and a website on Allah and His Signs.

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